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I have taken the last six months or so to take a break from blogging, news watching, etc. I haven't stopped supporting Liberty, I just needed a break. In that time, I have had some time to think about the direction the Swamp Fox Files has been heading.

I have spent entirely too much time going after individuals and groups, and that now stops. I will focus on principles and ideas. There are enough of people out there already that spend the majority of the time going after the various liberals, neo-cons, progressives, socialists and Commies. The rest of my time will be spent supporting the ideas of true limited government, Constitutional liberty and why it is important.

This year we have a grand opportunity. Let's not waste our time, energy and monies attacking people. Let's spend it supporting ideas. Ideas that have worked in the past, and can work again today. Let's have a new generation of Jeffersons, Adams, Henrys, Marions, Sumters, and Crocketts.

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48 Years Ago: Ronald Reagan on National Health Care

This is an audio only Youtube since it was an LP sent out by the American Medical Association in 1961.

Ronald Reagan was still a private citizen at this point in time, and he was warning the American people of the threat of socialized medical care. Reagan also emphasized how important that it is for the People to write their US Senators and Representatives, whether those congressional members are doing the right thing or not.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

EnviroCare: The Final Solution?

Abortion has long been one of the major social issues for Christians. Supposedly.

Abortion has long been one of the major issues for Conservatives. Supposedly.

The fact is very few Christians or Conservatives actually care one way or another about abortion. It seems that common sense would tell one that there is something majorly wrong with the violent destruction of a human being. Instead, we care more about 'endangered species' than we do about millions of unborn children.

Recently, information has come available that abortion plays a big role in the health care 'reform' that President Obama and the Statists wish to shove down the throats of the American people. Yet, very few people are bringing this issue up. Instead, we are more concerned about the death counseling the elderly will have to undergo. (For more information regarding abortion in the the healthcare 'reform' see: White House Fact Check Site on Health Care Filled With Inaccuracies and Could Abortion Sink Health-Care Reform?)

Don't get me wrong, I think that is evil to its very core, but what about the slaughter of the innocent babies? I guess, even to Christians, since they are not born, they don't count.

But now, we are told that aborting babies is good for the environment! You read that right. Do you want to save the planet? Do you want to help humanity survie the coming envirnomental holocaust? Then abort that kid now!

And of course, the real culprits are filthy American women who are burdening the world with their children. The rest of the world is OK, have kids, just odn't overdo. But Americans: please, kill them all!

I know, I am being extreme, right? Not really. Read what appeared on the New York Times Green Inc. blog. Also read, Reproduction and the carbon legacies of individuals, and official 'scientific' study conducted by Oregon State University.

Maybe what we should do is merge the healthcare and environmental bills together, and kill two birds with one stone. No pun intended. Abortion could be made mandatory for 'certain people' in order to 'save the environement'. Those who willing have abortions, can be given tax credits and tax breaks. It's a win-win situation!

Sadly, I am afraid that our nation is not far off from such a sick, twisted and depraved 'final solution' to our problems.

But will Christians continue to remain silent? Probably. As long as it does not affect them, they could care less. Just look at the way they vote. Much like the Christians in Germany during the days of Hitler, the Christians in the United States will remain silent, as long as such policies are not applied to them. Then, when those policies are applied to them, no one will care, and there will be no one to speak up.


Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Danville Tea Party Leaders To Meet With Rep. Perriello

This article is a follow up to Silence The People!, which appeared here on the Swamp Fox Files last week.

“The Tea Party movement has come too far to be marginalized by these tactics. They shouldn’t be scared [to speak up].”

Last week, after the story of the Danville Tea Party leaders’ encounter with some unpleasant events broke on the 912Project’s website, I posted my take on the events. Earlier today I had the pleasure of speaking over the telephone with Nigel Coleman of the Danville Tea Party, and Michael Ernette. Mr. Ernette is not a member of the Danville Tea Party, but was there and a witness to the events that unfolded.

Mr. Coleman informed me that US Rep. Perriello’s (VA D-5) office has contacted them and set up a meeting scheduled for Thursday, August 6, 2009. It seems Rep. Perriello is denying any knowledge of the situation, and was not even aware they were there until the following day.

Mr. Coleman said that he plans to take a camera to record events, but the bottom line is, he just wants his questions answered. Questions that he was denied the privilege of asking on July 18.

As of this writing, the Danville Tea Party leaders have not received any response from the Commonwealth of Virginia Attorney General’s office. Mr. Coleman sent a letter to the Attorney General’s office on Monday, July 20, to request that the tactics used at the Townhall meeting be looked into.

According to both Mr Coleman and Mr. Ernette, the Virginia State Police consider the whole matter a closed case, with no further “surprise” visits.

Mr. Ernette said that he is concerned with how the media may portray the Thursday meeting the Danville Tea Party leaders will have with Rep. Perriello (an event which he will not be attending). He said that “Big people are following this situation, and it would hurt if the media makes Tea Partyers look stupid.” And that, he said, is a “Big problem.”

Other than a brief, and what Mr. Ernette states was a “slanted” article, the local media outlets have been silent on the events of July 18.

The attention to this situation has come from bloggers like the Swamp Fox Files, and the 912Project. Thanks to the event being reported on the 912Project’s website, Politico and Yahoo! News picked it up, Mr. Ernette told the Swamp Fox Files.

“Why were we not questioned at the event?” Mr. Ernette stated over the telephone on Tuesday. “We were encircled by members of various agencies.”

Mr. Ernette said that he was perplexed by the actions of the various police agencies involved on the day of the event, and the follow up meetings. And it seems as though there were several agencies involved: the Virginia State Police, what appeared to be Secret Service agents and members of the Department of Energy Protection Unit. Until my conversation, I was not even aware of such a police unit. (The existence and purpose of the DoE Protection unit would entail an entirely separate article, not to mention their purpose of being there. Suffice it to say for now, that their presence at the Townhall meeting is curious at best.)

Mr. Ernette stated he and the Tea Party leaders were informed that the Virginia State Police was there to assist another agency—the Department of Energy Protection Unit. He said they were also told that the police wanted to ascertain whether the protesters, meaning he and the Danville Tea Party people, knew how to ask a question. The problem with that statement, Mr. Ernette said, is that Secret Service agents stood with them the entire time they were there, and no one attempted to “see if they knew how to ask a question”.

“Why were we not questioned at the event?” Mr. Ernette stated over the telephone on Tuesday. “We were encircled by members of various agencies.”

Mr. Ernette said for him, the scariest part of the whole ordeal is the fact that police were sent to intimidate them after the event. Police arrived at the residence of Bobby Conner, the other Danville Tea Party leader, approximately 48 hours after the Townhall meeting.

Mr. Ernette said that the Virginia State Police considers the matter closed, and that the State police and the Department of Energy refuse to return any of their calls.

For now, their questions remain unanswered. Why were they not allowed to ask any questions on July 18? Why did a Pittsylvania County Deputy, who called their license plates in while they were eating at an area fast food restaurant, follow them? Why did the police show up at Mr. Conner’s residence 48 hours later? Why was Mr. Ernette followed on his was home?

Mr. Ernette said that he is not concerned with notoriety. He wants to make sure that the story is told so that the next group of people at a Townhall event is not intimidated. People should be able to ask questions without any fear of reprisals, he told the Swamp Fox Files.

“The Tea Party movement has come too far to be marginalized by these tactics. They shouldn’t be scared [to speak up].”


The Swamp Fox Files is grateful to Mr. Nigel Coleman and Mr. Michael Ernette for agreeing to speak on this matter. While every effort was put forth to insure the accuracy of the statements and the events described above, any errors and inaccuracies of this article are due to the errors of the writer, and should not be construed as negligence on the part of the gentleman interviewed.

For verification of these events read the article that appeared in the Daville Register & Bee, "Tea Party Criticizes Rural Tour in Pittsylvania County", and you can contact the Virginia State Police.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Going Boldly Where No Moron Has Gone Before

How do you waste taxpayers money in a recession (after all, what better time to waste their money?) Well, in case you don't know how, the North Carolina General Assembly want to show you how!

The video below is a parody of a bill being proposed to, get this, BUILD STARFLEET ACADEMY AT NORTH CAROLINA A & T.

It seems the entire country has been sucked into a wormhole that has placed us eitirely within the real of the Twilight Zone.

Starfleet Academy in North Carolina